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Nigel Green deVere Group CEO

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deVere Chief Executive Nigel Green is the founder and the key driver of the deVere Group, the World's Largest Independent Financial Consultancy.

Nigel Green founded the deVere Group in 2002 and since then has led the company with great commitment and dedication. Today, the deVere Group takes care of over $9 billion of funds under advice and management, and has more than 70,000 active clients around the globe.

The deVere Group has over 400 fully-trained Financial Advisers that can help you make financial decisions more confidently by providing impartial advice on QROPS pension transfers, FACTA advice, inheritance tax planning and education fee planning, amongst others.

deVere CEO Nigel Green
Nigel Green believes that the deVere Group's commitment is to help clients create financial peace of mind for their future by suggesting the right financial products that best suit their circumstance.

In today’s world, high ranking business people do not have the time to analyse closely their financial situation, ponder their financial future, or spend hours looking for the best investment opportunities available.

That is why, the deVere Group - the world's largest and most successful group of Independent Financial Advisers, can offer you the opportunity to provide you with the best investment solutions, when it comes to international financial planning.

Nigel Green intends to keep nurturing the deVere Group’s strong global presence as the company continues to strive to be within easy reach, wherever their clients choose to be in the world.

Wherever you are in the world, we will allocate a personal Wealth Manager for you, who will work with you and keep you updated to ensure that a secure financial future that is structured effectively for you.

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