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There are numerous advantages offered by a QNUPS to individuals who are looking to maximise their retirement provisions. Some of the major advantages include:

  • QNUPS is not reportable to HMRC
  • No need to become non-UK resident or domiciled
  • Contributions into a QNUPS are immediately exempt from IHT and are not necessarily exempt from transfers which in return, require you to live for 7 years
  • No capital gains or income taxes will be applied to the investments within the scheme
  • There is no maximum contribution limit into a QNUPS, although since the scheme is intended for retirement provision it may be necessary to obtain an actuaries approval for contributions in excess of £1.5 million
  • A wide range of assets can be placed into a QNUPS and not just cash
  • A QNUPS can invest in a wide range of investment classes including residential property
  • No UK IHT on death. With careful planning, death taxes in the member’s country of residence may also be avoided
  • QNUPS could avoid local succession rules, enabling the member to control who inherits the residual funds

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